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Lifeline: Creating community service hubs for Aboriginal children and families.
DVD (352 MB)
Booklet (4.4 MB)
DVD (45 min) and Booklet (36 pp) produced in partnership between Early Childhood Developoment Intercultural Partnerships and Laichwiltach Family Life Society (Jessica Ball & Audrey Wilson).
Available upon request. Email
A curriculum like no other: Promoting cultural and community support services for children, youth and families.
DVDs and Print Information produced by Jessica Ball & Alan Pence, about the First Nations Partnerships Program.
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Indigenous Fathers Involvement Resources (produced by Jessica Ball)
Available upon request. Contact us.
Beginning the Journey: A Guide for Aboriginal Fathers. (60 pp.) Plain language guide based on findings of Indigenous fatherhood research.
Aboriginal Fathers: A Guide for Community Programs. (56 pp.) Plain language guide based on findings of Indigenous fatherhood research.
DVD Fatherhood: Indigenous Men's Journeys. (16 pp.) Guide for screening DVD documentary about Indigenous Fathers.

Understanding and Supporting Indigenous Fathers

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Blind Spot: What Happened to Canada's Aboriginal Fathers
This 47 minute documentary explores the issue of absent fathers through the eyes of three First Nations dads including a 16 year old boy who is soon to become a dad. The documentary also looks at the differences between Canada and the United States when it comes to addressing the issue of missing fathers.

Fathers Without Fathers: Aboriginal Men in Canada
This 60 minute episode of talk show The Current, recorded in a townhall format in Whitehorse on January 12, 2012, discusses a topic hiding in plain sight but rarely mentioned: Fathers Without Fathers -- Aboriginal Men In Canada. The forum highlights conclusions from the one research study completed to date with Aboriginal fathers, two programs to meet the needs of Aboriginal men and fathers, and views of the audience of over 200 Yukoners who participated in the town hall.

.....with Dad: Strengthening the Circle of Care
In February, 2011, the National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health in Canada held a two-day 'showcase' focusing on steps that are being taken by individuals, families, communities and organizations to strengthen the Circle of Care for First Nations, Métis and Inuit children by strengthening fathers' positive involvement. A DVD was produced featuring the experiences of Aboriginal fathers across Canada as well as researchers and program leaders. A "Proceedings Summary" was also produced to share some of the stories, insights, program ideas, and recommendations from the Showcase on Dads.
For information contact: National Collaborating Centre for Aboriginal Health, University of Northern British Columbia, 3333 University Way, Prince George, B.C. V2N 4Z9, Canada,,

Father Factors: What social science research tells us about fathers and how to work with them
This 64 page booklet by John Hoffman highlights recent Canadian research on father involvement, and brings together information about programs around the country that reach out to diverse populations of fathers with the aim of increasing positive father involvement in various kinds of families and in many different kinds of roles. This resource includes many different examples of program models and links for getting more information about them.
To download the booklet, visit the website for Canada's Father Involvement Research Alliance:


'Show Your Child You Care' (Aboriginal Fathers Involvement)

Ball, J. (2009). Cultural safety in practice with Children, Families and Communities. Victoria: University of Victoria, School of Child and Youth Care. (305 KB)
(designed for full colour on 11 X 17 but can be printed bl/w on 8 X 11)

Ball, J. (2010). Understanding and Supporting Indigenous Fathers' Journeys. Victoria: University of Victoria, School of Child and Youth Care. (1 MB)
(designed for full colour 11 X 17 but can also be printed bl/wh 8 X 11)

Ball, J. (2009). Community-University Partnership Research: Steps Towards a Negotiated Social Justice. Poster presented to the 3rd biannual conference of the Living Knowledge Network, Belfast, August 28. (692 KB)
(designed for full colour 11 X 17 but could be printed bl/wh 8 X 11)