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Lil'wat Nation

Lil’wat Nation, situated in south-western BC about two hours from the urban centre of Vancouver, is one community with a total of 1,800 members. The communities share a band-operated school offering Kindergarten through Grade 12 and many other services. Together they have established a well-developed planning structure, stable leadership, and a long history of successful development initiatives.

In 1999, the community opened a new multiplex facility, called Pqusnalhcw, or Eagles Nest, to provide community members, Elders and children with a culturally vibrant gathering place that could also serve to promote health and wellness for the whole community. The multiplex houses a large preschool program, called Skwalx, or Baby Eagle, and a large infant care centre called Tsepalin, or Baby Basket.

Co-located in the same complex are a community kitchen, a health information and promotion area, health services offices with examination rooms, and multi-purpose rooms offering a range of family services such as alcohol and drug counselling, tobacco reduction, diabetes prevention, infant and toddler care, preschool and after-school care and parenting programs.


Audrey Wilson, Executive Director and Co-Founder (left) and Pauline Janyst, Co-Founder of Laichwiltach Family Life Society (right), with Jessica Ball (centre)


Laichwiltach Family Life Society

Laichwiltach Family Life Society is located in the urban town of Campbell River located on the northern east coast of Vancouver Island.

Laichwiltach Family Life Society was founded in 1992. It began as a program to address family violence issues. In the planning and development stages, the founding committee recognized the need to address issues holistically and they always had the whole family at the forefront. The program was initially supported by the three local First Nations bands, Campbell River Indian Band, Cape Mudge Band, and Comox Indian Band. These bands contributed the funds they had for family violence programs to the Laichwiltach program to provide services to the on- and off-reserve First Nations people until the society was able to secure other funding sources. In 1994 the program became a society in order to access funding from the Ministry and other government sources. In 2003 they became a charitable organization to further fundraise to keep their programs running. Fundraising has always been at the heart of Laichwiltach Family Life Society.

Laichwiltach Family Life Society provides services including parenting programs, support groups, residential school healing program, family therapy, sexual abuse counselling, addictions counselling, family support, youth programs, employment readiness program, Aboriginal reunification project, anger management, community kitchen/fitness program, homeless project, kindred connections project, and adult literacy program. In 1995, the Aboriginal Headstart program was implemented and in 2001 the Early Childhood Development program was implemented.



Tla’Amin (Sliammon) First Nation

Tla’Amin Community Health Services Society is located within the Tla’Amin First Nation, located 12 kilometers north of Powell River on the west coast of British Columbia.

Tla’Amin Community Health Services Society provides such programs as early childhood development programs, family services worker, community health nurse services, addictions services, home care for Elders, diabetes prevention, restorative justice, membership registration, administration for non-insured health benefits, and traditional and contemporary wellness programs.

In 1996, the community opened the “Sliammon Child Development Resource Centre” . The purpose of this centre is to provide quality care to the children in the community. The centre houses an infant/tot daycare, preschool program, day care program for three and fours year olds, kindergarten program, after school program for six to twelve years of age, pre/post-natal program, immunization, awareness workshops, parent/tot drop in program, parent education programs and home visits.


Caroline Daniels, representative for Kermode


Kermode Friendship Society

The Kermode Friendship Society offers culturally sensitive, quality programs and services to Aboriginal community members and the community at large in the Terrace area of British Columbia. The Society is committed to encouraging self-sufficiency, respect of individuality and promotion of cultural diversity among all residents of this area. Kermode Friendship Society runs three programs that support families and children from 0-5 years of age: Aboriginal Head Start Program; CAPC/Parenting Program; Early Childhood Development Program.